Introducing music and health

Music for health and wellbeing is a growing topic of interest the western world. Where have we arrived in our understanding of health? – what is wellness/illness? how do we view (dis)ability? As a music therapist, I have worked with a wide variety of people with a range of life challenges, and the overriding message that I am left with is that every person on this planet is unique! Absolutely!! It has blown me away on many occasions! Our bodies, our minds, our mindsets, talents, failures, tragedies, dreams, fears, our expectations, our resilience, our meaning-making, our beliefs – all of them shaped by our history, our environment, our individual and social lens, our worldview, and many other factors that can be characterised and compartmentalized  – all of these things come together, with a whole host of similarities between people and yet with a configuration that means there is no-one just like you! With this in mind, does it seem like a good fit that we have exclusively married medicine to science?? After going a long way down this path, it seems that now is the time to address what has been missing in our perceptions of what it means to be healthy and well. So music has much to offer in matters physiological, psychological, social and spiritual! – all up for exploration and celebration! Whoopee!!!

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