Grounded into context…

Culturally understanding…

Faithfully questioning…

Spiritually searching..

Open to encounter...

Process above perfectionism…

Accepting of difference and celebrating the other…

Participating for social change...

 A bard, a singer/songwriter and a music therapist, I have been on a faith journey in life, that has taken me out of what I thought I knew into a world of participation and possibilities.

Music-making accessible for all is my work – I am totally committed to the small voice being amplified and given space to resonate. For me, this connects to the voice of the oppressed at every level, and I am excited by music creating possibilities for social change.

I am equally energised by music’s abilities to open access to the transcendent on both personal and transpersonal levels.

I am from Wales, UK, I love the land of my fathers and I draw inspiration from the Welsh Bardic tradition of story, poetry and song as relevant sounds to shape a community.

I am an iconoclast, a radical pacifist, I believe that continually growing and changing is to be fully alive and I search for authenticity in every area of my life and work. Many things have changed about what I believe, but these three things remain… faith, hope and love.IMG_1215




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